Services We Provide

With a number of years experience of Oracle development within the technical delivery team, we offer the following services:

  • Consultancy

Our experienced consultants can provide expert advice and guidance at any stage of your implementation. We can provide a range of analysis services, helping to forge the bridge between the functional requirements and the technical implementation team.

We can also provide remote consultancy to provide ongoing advice and guidance. This can be provided on an ad-hoc basis, or you can pre-purchase a number of support calls (for example buying a block of ten one-hour consultancy calls) which can be provided at a discounted rate. We provide remote consultancy services through teleconference, online chat, or remote access.

  • Technical Delivery

In addition to providing consultancy services, we can provide consultants to implement your requirements. Our consultants are skilled in a wide range of core Oracle technologies (Forms, Reports, PL/SQL etc.), but all have a number of years of delivering complex Workflow solutions. The consultants supplied by us are all proven implementers of Oracle technology, and are capable of starting from any position in the development lifecycle – starting development from a functional specification, starting from a technical specification, starting with or without formal documentation, our consultants can provide the technical solution, as well as any required supporting documentation.

  • Training

We provide a range of training courses, which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our consultants have delivered training to a wide range of organizations, including running training for Oracle Consulting. For more details of our training offerings, please click here.

  • Design Review

If you have already completed the functional or technical design of your Workflow solution, we can provide expert advice in reviewing this. With many years of Oracle Workflow development experience behind us, we are well placed to provide a formal review of your functional and / or technical design. As well as reviewing the design, we will produce documentation which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the design, plus provide details of any opportunities to improve it. This service is typically provided over the course of two weeks, depending on the complexity of the Workflow design. Within this timeframe, some time is spent off-site reviewing the design, some time on-site discussing the design and the requirements with business users, functional analysts and the technical team, followed by document preparation and delivery of the review and recommendations. This service is particularly relevant if you have engaged a third-party to design your solution and you require an impartial review before deciding whether to proceed with the implementation.

  • Implementation Review

If you are implementing an Oracle Workflow solution, and require a periodic, one-off, or post-implementation review, then we are the place to start. We can provide experienced consultants who can examine in depth the technical implementation of your Workflow. Our consulting team includes members who have provided input to the Workflow product development team at Oracle, so who better to review your implementation? We will deliver a detailed analysis, providing the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation, as well as highlighting areas where improvements could be made. As with the design review, this service is typically performed over a two week period (depending on the Workflow complexity), and is ideally suited to customers who have either developed a solution in-house and have questions over the best way to develop the solution, or for customers who have engaged third-party consultancies to develop the system and now require a review.

  • Support

As well as developing Workflow solutions, we can help develop support solutions for your system. If you require support throughout the development phase, then we can provide this either on-site or remotely using remote access or via teleconferences. If you are looking for post-implementation support, then we can provide this to help resolve specific problems using the same methods as above.

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