WordPress Flickr Manager changes for 2.9

I recently started a new blog for my photos, which I’m starting to advertise for sale through Etsy (links to follow once I have some more things in place :)) and I added the WordPress Flickr Manager plugin so that I can easily pull in pictures from my Flickr account into the blog. However, it didn’t work with WordPress 2.9 🙁

So, I made a couple of changes to some files and it seems to be working now – so, if anyone is having the same problems, here’s a list of the files that I changed:

  • wordpress-flickr-manager/js/wfm-lightbox.php
  • wordpress-flickr-manager/js/media-panel.php
  • wordpress-flickr-manager/js/wfm-hs.php

In each of those files, remove any ‘@’ characters that are in the files, for example:

this: wfmJS('a[@rel*=flickr-mgr]').each(function() {
becomes: wfmJS('a[rel*=flickr-mgr]').each(function() {

Once you have made the changes, the plugin should work fine.

EDIT – March 15 2010 @1534

I’ve just had a look at the files that I changed to provide a fuller explanation of what I changed.  I can’t see what I have changed in the media-panel.php file (just downloaded the plugin again and can’t find any ‘@’ signs in there now), but the changes I made to the other files are:


Line 13 - wfmJS('a[@rel*=flickr-mgr]').each(function() {
becomes - wfmJS('a[rel*=flickr-mgr]').each(function() {

Line 21 - wfmJS('a[@rel*=flickr-mgr]').each(function() {
becomes- wfmJS('a[rel*=flickr-mgr]').each(function() {


Line 58 - wfmJS('a[@rel*=flickr-mgr]').click(function() {
becomes - wfmJS('a[rel*=flickr-mgr]').click(function() {

Line 91 - wfmJS('a[@rel*=flickr-mgr]').each(function(){
becomes - wfmJS('a[rel*=flickr-mgr]').each(function(){

I’ve tested this with WP 2.9.2 this afternoon and it seems fine.

UPDATE – 11th July 2010

I’ve just been looking a bit more at this and have added a few replies to some comments.  I have the plugin working on WP3.0 now – I made no changes to the version I had before though.  The one thing that doesn’t work is trying to add photos from a set rather than just from the stream.

When you try to add a photo from a set, it only finds photos that are publicly available.  If the photos are not public, then it doesn’t find them in the set.  I don’t know whether this is a problem with the plugin, or a problem with the Flickr API though.  I make most of my photos private, so if I want to add from a set then it’s a problem – that said, I have the same problem when adding from Flickr to my photo printing service, which makes me think that the problem lies with the Flickr API rather than the plugin.

Looks like a more in depth examination of the plugin is required – if I get chance to do it, I will, but I am quite busy with work that brings in money at the moment, rather than coding for fun and hobby.

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